Women are the most special beings on the planet and they have the purest souls. You must strive to make their lives full of joy and happiness and make them feel special. They are God’s gift to us and we must love them. Women with breast cancer deserve extra care and a little warm gesture towards them will help them forget about any pain. Help women to fight against this deadly and painful disease. Your support and help can save the life of thousands of women and make them feel 100 times better.


Breast care asks for complete care and attention. Complete bed rest and stress-free environment help the patient feel touched. Patients need to travel away from home to get medication. Apart from medicines & regular exercise, patients are advised intake of nutritional diet and go green in daily life. Heeling therapy largely saves the life. Come a step forward & help to cure.


Stand against breast cancer and join the league. Donate time and money to keep the dangerous disease away from the life many. Help the cancer patients in heeling from breast cancer. Join Cookforcure and bring joy in the life of thousands of families. Your small donation will mark significant changes for a large number of people.


God has gifted us the beauty of women all across the world. We need to nurture these women with affection and love and care. You should spend time with these breast cancer patients and make them enjoy the gift of life and bring a smile to their faces. With your donations, you can help lower income groups find a cure for cancer. You can make the donations using a cheque, cash or simply swap your credit card at out office. Make your money worthy for people in need like these cancer patients.

Breast Cancer Health Center

Breast cancer is a disease that brings a halt in life. People should understand the symptoms, cause, and medication of the disease. Chemo therapy holds huge medicinal values in the process of healing. This therapy lowers the growth of cancer cells. The commonly used drugs in the therapy are cytotoxics. Medicines used in healing are produced from herbs. Breast cancer is the common type of disease found in women these days. In Australia, more than 15,000 women are detected with cancer every year. Breast cancer is spreading widely. Thus it became the second deadliest disease in the country. Social life and family attention help the patient cure at a fast pace. Be a family to someone and spread happiness around. A woman suffering from breast cancer goes through a lot of turmoil and physical discomfort. Health centres can provide treatment options that work and therapy to help patient go through the draining process of getting treatment. These centres have the equipment and medicines used by well-trained doctors and nursing staff. What’s more, these centres help a lot of people from economically challenged backgrounds to get good treatment and care at affordable rates as the cost of cancer treatment and medicine can be significant.



This is the examination of fluid of a particular body part under microscope. The fluid is examined on the glass lid. This process signifies the exact condition of the tissues and their growth.

Receptor Status

Hormone changes combine receptor. This cause changes in the beast cells. Estrogen receptor (ER), Progesterone receptor (PR) and HER 2 are the three receptors that might be found in the breast cancer cells.

DNA Assays

Testing of DNA arrays separates normal cells from cancer cells in the breast. Such testing is useful in early detection of the disease and used as a potential cancer detector tool for future.


The process of differentiating of normal breast cells with cancer cells in the breast is known as Grade. The appearance and shapes of the normal tissues and cancer tissues look completely different from each other. There are three types of Grades suggested by the laboratory.

1. Well differentiated referred as poor grade
2. Moderately differentiated referred as intermediate grade
3. Poorly differentiated referred as high grade

These grades suggest the difference between normal breast tissue and cancer cell tissues.


Breast cancer is divided in three stage system known as TNM. ‘T’ refers to size of the tumor, ‘N’ refers to the inspection of tumor in lymph nodes and ‘M’ refers to metastasize of tumor.
Metastasize describes weather the tumor has spread to other body organs or not.

The three stages involve:
Stage 0: This is the pre-cancer condition
Stage 1-3: Cancer cell grows within the breast or the lymph node
Stage 4: This is metastatic cancer. In this tumor spreads in other parts of the body.


It is an aggressive type of cancer that affects the breast area and can start in one or both breasts. It happens when cancerous cells start to grow rapidly in the breast tissue. Contrary to popular belief, breast cancer can also affect men but it predominantly affects women. While most breast lumps are benign and not cancerous, you must get regular check-up by a physician to ensure there is nothing to worry about.


This form of cancer can affect one or both breast at the same time or at different points of life. A breast has multiple parts and cancerous cells can develop on any of them. Breasts have lobules, ducts, nipples, fat and connective tissue (stroma), blood vessels and lymph vessels. Since cancer can spread to other parts of the body through blood and lymph system, it is important to get early diagnosis. It can help determine the type of cancer and stage and allow the doctor to come up with an action plan consisting of chemo-therapy and surgery. To get treatment at the earliest is the best way to beat cancer and reduce its chances of coming back.


The screening procedure is conducted at various screening and cancer center. This procedure is an evaluation of disease at an early stage. Those detected with cancer receive medication according to the stage of cancer.

Screening facility for women aging above 50 years is available free of cost at various screening and cancer centers across the country.

Self-breast exams, Clinical Screening, Mammography, Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging are the screening that detects breast cancer.

The self-breast exam is easy to carry out. You can feel the lump or swelling. Contact the doctors in case of these symptoms. Clinical screening is conducted by the medical team. The doctors look out for tissue growth in the area and prescribe medication accordingly. Mammography process includes X-ray of the breast area. It shows the condition of tissues inside the body. This course also detects minor problems surfaced inside the body due to the growth of cancer cells.


Breast cancer is diagnosed through two main procedures. One is mammography and the second is Biopsy.

The body undergoes through the X-ray machine in mammography. It shows the inside condition of the tissues. Biopsy on the other hand, offers medication from both inside and outside the body. A biopsy is called known as microscopic analysis of the body. Medical practitioners examine the fluid constrain of the lump on the microscope. This help in analysing the stage and growth of breast cancer.

The process of fluid collection is known as fine needle aspiration. This task is usually carried out in the laboratory or the clinic of the doctor. In some cases, anesthesia is given to the patients before starting the process.

Core biopsy is a surgery performed to carry out the lump. This action is also known as vacuum assisted breast therapy. Screening or mammography report suggests the working of core biopsy.

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Intake of nutritional food during breast cancer helps in getting over weakness and ill health. Sour mouth, bad taste and carving for tempting dishes are some of the problems patients suffer with. Make nutritional and tasty recipes from fruits & vegetables. And offer nutrition rich diet to the patient.


Vitamin D and omega-3 fat properties makes bone stronger. Enjoy this seafood almost every day and stay away from the deadliest disease known as breast cancer. Make sure to cook the fish well before consumption & have it with nutritious sides.


The nutritional properties of egg yolk make this a must for breast cancer patients. Scrambled egg, omelette and boiled egg salad make body healthier and fit. Eggs are powerhouse foods that offer multiple nutrients your body needs to have a healthy immune system.


Rich in iron and vitamin B, this green leafy vegetable offer all the necessary nutrition to the body. Spinach keeps breast cancer disease away for a long period. Spinach soup and baby spinach salad taste delicious and healthy.


Nuts keep hearth healthy. The fatty acids, anti-oxidants and omega- 3 found in this dry fruit lower the risk of breast cancer. Cook muffins with walnut or eat them raw. To get the best results, soak the nuts in water for 6-8 hours or overnight.


Red, yellow, green and black colored lentils are full of nutrition. The high-protein and fiber properties make a protecting shield around the body. Regular intake of this lentil soup and curry prevents breast cancer.


Eat a small bowl of pomegranate seeds or drink a glass of fruit juice to keep the heart healthy. The ellagic acid found in this fruit keep the tissues healthy. Thus, it provides energy to combat the disease.


Sulforaphane compound found in this vegetable stops the process of cancer cell growth. Broccoli sprout salad and stir-fried broccoli must be included twice a week in the diet of breast-cancer patient.


Women going through pre-menopause condition can lower the risk of breast cancer with the inclusion of the mushroom in every day diet. The anti-oxidants such as cremini and oyster protect body from the growth of the breast cancer cells.


Routine exercise

Healthy food intake

Less consumption of alcohol


The breast cancer surgery depends on the stage, health and reoccurrence percentage of the disease. Therapies are the latter part of the surgery. The procedure of removing lymph manually is known as surgery. During the procedure doctors also remove the surrounding tissue of the cancer cells. There are three types of surgeries:


This process involves removal of the entire breast. During the surgery the doctor removes all the breast tissues as a treatment or preventive measure for breast cancer. For people who carry the BRCA gene mutation, getting a mastectomy is a great way to prevent development of cancerous cells in the breast tissues. However, for people with stage one breast cancer this is a treatment option.


One–quarter portion of the breast is removed. It usually involves the removals of the cancer and its surrounding tissues. The breast remains intact making this option less invasive and also referred to as a partial mastectomy.


Small part of the breast is removed through this surgery. It is usually the removal of lump or the cancerous tumour plus some surrounding tissues.


Breast cancer is found in both women and men. Change in hormones or breast tissues create lymph in the organ cause the disease. Patient and the family members go through a lot of trauma during the course. Prognosis helps in dealing with the situation. Prognosis refers to the survival chances of the patient. Prognosis of the patient differs from case to case. but mostly when cancer is caught at an early state the chances of survival are higher. Also, the survival rates increase when the cancer has not metasized to the bones, lungs, liver and other areas in patients. A prognosis is made after the doctor has checked all these aspects. Progression-free-survival [PFS] and disease-free-survival probability [DFS] are calculated in this process.

Age, medical background, fitness and the type of breast cancer asses the prognosis. There are two types of prognosis.

• Long-term

• Short-term

The common type of breast cancer usually offers long-term prognosis. If the cancer is limited to breast then the survival chance is expected to five years. The detection of the disease at an early stage increases the survival rate by a huge margin. However, breast cancer in lymph nodes marks less chance of survival. But people with breast cancer should not give up the fight in case as depending on your health, age, and other factors, your prognosis is always unique and miracles can happen.

Thus, make sure to get your tests done in time and decide the best action plan for treatment with your doctor. Breast cancer is a disease to cure which you must act fast. The earlier you start the treatment, the better, irrespective your prognosis is long or short term.


Therapies involve before and after surgeries are known as

  • Neoadjuvant Therapy is carried out before surgery
  • Adjuvant Therapy is carried out after surgery

Therapies before surgery are usually not advised. Doctors go through the medical history, grade of cancer and prognosis of the patient, before advising therapy. There are three types of Adjuvant therapies and as per recommendation by your doctor you can choose any one of them.

Hormone Blocking Therapy

Estrogen receptor is needed for the growth of cancer cells. The combination of Estrogen receptor (ER+) and Progesterone Receptors (PR+) occurrence on the surface is known as cancer. The ER+ cancer is medicated with drugs such as Tamoxifen, Aromatase inhibitor, and Anastrozole letrozole. The use of tamoxifen is prescribed for ten long years. Drugs prescription to women depends upon menopause.


Chemotherapy is highly recommended in the cases of breast cancer. Patients suffering from stage 2 and 4, get the benefit of the Estrogen receptor. This therapy last for a minimum of three months and maximum of six months. Chemotherapy act to destruct fast-growing cancer cells. This therapy has many side effects. The major drawback of the therapy is damage of heart muscles.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Trastuzumab, is a monoclonal antibody to HER2. This is the third type of receptor in the breast cancer cells. More than 90 per cent of people suffer from HER 2 breast cancer. Trastuzumab reduces the growth of cancer cells. This medicine is highly priced and also has side effects at large. HER 2 patients are the sole beneficiary of Transtuzumab medicine.


Radiotherapy is a post-surgery treatment to the organs suffering from tumor and lymph nodes. The radiations tear down tiny tumor cells left in the organ even after the surgery.


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