Since the start of the twenty-first century, the issue of climate change in Australia has been a significant concern. According to studies, the country’s weather has consistently grown hotter, and everyone is witnessing the recent results of these severe climate changes through the raging bushfires in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, and many other cities. These changes are not just affecting the planet but your health as well.

If measures were taken by people to adopt eco-friendly living practices earlier, the health and environmental conditions wouldn’t have been worse. Today thousands of people in Brisbane are inhaling polluted air, consuming water laced with chemicals, and dirtying the lands by dumping irresponsibly. Thus, the need to go green for your health and preserving the environment has become more pressing than ever.

What does going green mean?

The basic definition of going green means living as an individual or a community in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner to avoid affecting the natural environment of your surroundings. It requires taking measures to reduce the production of toxic, reusing, and recycling of things. Going green means reducing your carbon print and co-exist with other species on Earth while taking steps to minimise the damage humans can cause.

Advantages of going green for your health

There have been numerous studies that have concluded that people having access to nature and adopting green practices have better mental and physical health. The advantages of going green for your health are many, and they are mentioned as follows.

  • The atmosphere is polluted less, making the quality of indoor and outdoor air better. You can breathe clean and fresh air and become less susceptible to chronic respiratory conditions, allergies, asthma, lung cancer etc.
  • It helps your heart function better because pollution contributes to cardiac issues and heart disease. According to studies, people living in polluted cities can have damaged blood vessels and strained hearts.
  • Going green helps reduce carbon emissions and usage of chemical fertilisers & pesticide. Therefore, the food is healthier and free of toxins.
  • By living in an eco-friendly manner, you can reduce the amount of garbage that is thrown in landfills. Thus, there can be a decrease in land pollution.
  • Using natural products and avoiding usage of chemicals can help prevent health problems like blood pressure, allergies, headaches, and skin infections. In addition, you can reduce the chances of cancer development.

Going green is the need of the hours to preserve the environment and your health. Here are some ways you can go green, which will have a major impact.

Make Conscious Choices

Going green starts with each individual and even a single person makes a lot of difference. Therefore, start my making conscious choices to live in an eco-friendly manner by doing the following.

  • Decrease your energy consumption from non-green resources and see if you get electricity, water, heat, etc., from solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass, among other renewable energy sources.
  • Stop buying chemical products for cleaning and cosmetic purposes. Instead, start using natural products that are not harmful to your health and the environment.
  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances and equipment for your household. Also, expert removalists in Brisbane advice to reuse and recycle containers and packing materials, especially when moving to a new place.
  • Try to shop for organic and green edibles that were grown and produced without the use of chemical pesticide and fertilisers.
  • Use green vehicles of transportation that uses biodegradable fuels for power. If you don’t have your vehicle, then try to travel by carpooling, ride a bike, walk (wherever possible), use green public transports etc.

Make Your Move Environment-Friendly

As per reckoned green removalists in Brisbane, people produce a lot of garbage while moving because there is stuff they don’t need or packing supplies that are not reused or recycled. Most of the trash gets dumped in landfills. Therefore, if you are moving, try making your move sustainable & environment- friendly by using bio-degradable fuel and dumping garbage responsibly.

If possible contact your local resource recovery centres to get rid of things you don’t need. Green removalists in Brisbane advice donating and reselling items you don’t want and are in good condition. Get in touch with family members, friends, and locals to obtain reusable boxes and recyclable packing supplies. Also, hire green removalists in Brisbane who use eco-friendly packing material and have green vehicles for moving your belongings.


Keeping yourself healthy and preserving the environment by going green is in your hands. Make sure to do your best and encourage others around you to be environmentally responsible. Every person who lives keeping the environment and health of others in mind can surely make a difference.


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