This disease occurs mostly after 50 plus age in women. Also, women enjoying motherhood after the 30 years also have a high risk of breast cancer.

Childless women also suffer from the disease. Another important factor that increases the risk of breast cancer is age of menstruation. The commencement of periods before the age of 12 years can also cause breast cancer.

Family History

Genes play an important role in the human life cycle. If a women’s mother/sister or both suffer from breast cancer is one of the reasons behind causing of breast cancer. The family history of cancer can also root the deadliest disease.


Excess weight, fat and high-calories food intake are few reasons for causing of breast cancer. Less physical activities and exercise are also responsible for the disease.

Excess intake of alcohol

Excess of anything is dangerous. Alcohol is harmful for the body and health. Regular and high drinking habit is likely to increase the risk of suffering from breast cancer.

Smoking habit at an early stage is also a cause for developing breast cancer.

The latest health report suggested that, breast cancer risk is greater in women smokers than women aging more than 50 years. Dense breast tissues, radiation therapy in an early age HRT- [Hormone Replacement Therapy] are few causes responsible for breast cancer.


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