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Cook for Cure is a team of 20 people and create awareness about the breast cancer. This disease cause death of hundreds of people every year, especially women. Our teams of medical practitioners gather people at an open forum and suggest correct eating habits, self-assessment of breast cancer, and the importance of exercise in daily life. We are working towards making the country breast cancer free from more than six years. Lifestyle today indulge the high consumption of alcohol, and we here recommend people to switch towards healthy drinking habits such as drinking a glass of juice every day, including salad in diet, and increase intake of fruits.

You can connect with us and offer volunteer services to the patients suffering from breast cancer. Also, people can donate to cancer foundations through us.


So far We’ve made Some Amazing Progress


Our team of experienced doctors makes people learn about the symptoms of breast cancer. Such as change in the color, shape, and size of the organ. People feel shy to discuss these things sue to which the disease can spread up to stages. Early detection of this disease increases the survival percentage. Thus, our friendly team of doctors let people understand the signs of this deadly disease.

In the team of 20 people, we have

  • Seven doctors
  • Three pathologists
  • Three counselors
  • Three medical assistants
  • Three therapists

Our aim is offer assistance to patients, their family and other people about cancer. The counselors answer to queries such as what to do if detected with cancer, how to keep the disease at bay and how to prevent it from spreading to other organs of the body. And many more queries are answers by us.

Enjoy delicious recipes made from broccoli, lentils, eggs and mushroom. Those suffering from the disease often complain of sour mouth and bad taste. Cook yummy food with these ingredients and offer mouth-watering yet nutritional food to the patients. Increase intake of salads and soups to get enough protein, vitamin, and anti-oxidants in the body. Sprouts and beans also prevent growth of cancer breast cell. Thus, enjoy red-bean curry or bean salad and stay protected from this disease.


Yoga is an ancient meditation practice. Almost every person should perform yoga in life as it keeps mind, soul and body fit. But, indulgence of yoga in the daily routine is beneficial for breast cancer patients. The weakness and bone pain get away if yoga is practiced every day. The benefits of yoga performance every day includes:

  • Lower fatigue
  • Lower stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve health
  • Increases physical fitness

People suffering from breast cancer feel anxious and stressed at times. Make patients happy and relieved with book reading session. Plan an outing for them and cook delicious food for them. Stress is the most dangerous thing for the patients, thus ensure to keep joyful atmosphere around them. We suggest people to decorate the patient’s room with pink color. The pink ribbon offers mental strength to those suffering from the disease.


People suffering from breast cancer knows that life span is short for them. Does they feel to have their loved ones around. It is difficult to spend an entire day with them due to work commitment. But, take some time out of your busy schedule and give them a share of happiness.

Eating out or a visit to opera in the evening can make them forget the pain and trauma there are going through.


Each patient is different from other. The stage of disease and prognosis vary from person to person. Thus, stay updated with the medical records of your patients and ensure that the person is eating healthy and nutritional diet.

Take the patient for therapy sessions regularly and take a note of side- effects of the medicines prescribed. If the patient feels uneasy after the dose of any particular medicine, then talk to the concerned doctor about the issue.


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